DRT Mfg. Co., LLC
a subsidiary of DRT Holdings, LLC

Easy-Open End Parts and Tooling

High speed, high volume end systems are critical production systems that must run reliably and continuously. The spare parts and tooling you use to maintain these systems must be built to the quality and reliability standards these precision systems require.

The original innovator of easy-open end systems, DRT is also the largest supplier of easy-open end system parts and tooling in the world. We understand the intricacies of can end systems, their intended operation and the critical features of spare parts that can make the difference between continuous uptime and a troublesome shutdown. With DRT-supplied parts and tooling you benefit from:

  • Real-time print revision control — you always get the correct, latest revision part
  • Easy access to upgrades and improvements that extend system life
  • Engineering support — all DRT parts and tooling are supported by engineering services to ensure proper application and extended system uptime
  • Tooling and parts supply for other OEM systems

The quality of your aftermarket parts matters. By working with DRT, you can be assured that your parts work the “first time, every time.”

Customers can order spare parts for their container end systems by calling 1-937-298-7391. To aid in part identification, an on-line bill-of-material may be available.

Contact DRT to learn how we can meet all your easy-open end system parts and tooling needs.