DRT Mfg. Co., LLC
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Vision Quad

Ultra-fast production of the innovative JCAT91R beer/beverage end

This high-volume, 4-out system will deliver up to 3000 JCAT91, JCAT91R or SRP875 ends per minute. The Vision Quad incorporates a non-metallic transfer belt to eliminate production downtime caused by belt failure.

  • Non-metallic, one-piece polyurethane / Kevlar® transfer belts last for months reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of damaged tooling
  • Up to 3000 epm at higher efficiencies
  • Servo-driven, pneumatic-lift downstacker allows total infeed access
  • Serpentine, belt-driven, sealed bearing downstacker feedscrew drive eliminates potential end contamination
  • Ferguson tab feeders for ease of use and easy setup
  • Even-flow vacuum system controls end rotation
  • Cantilever drive design for ease of maintenance
  • Universal tooling design allows quick changeover
  • Easy-to-use interactive electrical controls
  • 100% inspection with on-board leak detection system
  • Very easy to convert current Triple T beverage systems to this more productive platform
  • Available with JCAT91, JCAT91R or SRP875 tabs
  • Thermal control maintains accurate, consistent product specifications
  • Load monitoring protection guards the press and tooling
  • EC compliant

All DRT End Conversion Systems are supported by a worldwide network of installation and service technicians.

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