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Vision I

The ultimate in flexibility with simple, low-cost changeovers

Designed for both beer/beverage and food pull panels, the Vision I is the most flexible beverage / food end system in the industry. The Vision I is ideal for manufacturers that require simplicity, short runs and quick changeovers to minimize conversion costs and reduce production downtime. Users can produce stay-on-tab ends, ring-pull tab ends and full panel pull ends - all with the same system.

  • Robust transfer design provides greater output up 500 epm at higher efficiencies
  • Quick changeover capability minimizes downtime between end size changes
  • Universal tooling design allows economical changeover for 200-401 (50 to 103mm) end diameters
  • One-piece polyurethane/Kevlar® transfer belt with one-year life means zero downtime for belt replacement
  • Transfer system accommodates almost any end size
  • Servo-driven, swing-away downstacker allows total infeed access
  • Serpentine, belt-driven, sealed bearing downstacker feedscrew drive eliminates potential end contamination
  • Adjustable downstacker components lower changeover cost
  • Adjustable tab stock feeder easily accommodates various tab types
  • Easy-to-use interactive electrical controls
  • 100 percent inspection with on-board leak detection system
  • EC compliant
  • Steel or aluminum tab materials
  • Available with 786D, D1500, flatback, CAT102, CAT99, two-finger, D1300 tabs

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